• Elspeth J Mackenzie

Wild Times on the Isle of Seil

Updated: May 3, 2020

I have just returned from a great weekend on the beautiful and rugged Hebridean Isle of Seil, one of the most northerly Slate Islands.

My companion and I set off at 2pm from Edinburgh, aiming to arrive at Ellenabeich, a former slate mining village on the Island, before dark. However Issy's sat nav led us a merry country dance along flooded lanes and twisty little single track roads. The rivers and lochs were ready to burst their banks and some already had - with trees emerging from water logged fields. We crossed the Bridge over the Atlantic just as the sun was setting over the wild waves in the bay.

We had made the journey in order to take part in the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association Passage Planning course - in preparation for the upcoming RowAround Scotland. We learnt a lot about reading charts and maps - looking at winds and tides and identifying various hazards to watch out for. The consensus was not to overdo it.

During the course of the weekend, the wind reached gale force 8; the sun shone; the hail stoned down and the rain was torrential. All the seasons in one weekend.

We made new skiffie friends, ate langoustines, mussels and delicious homemade soup and drank Prosecco, Guinness, cider and whisky in the Oyster Bar. An excellent way to spend a February weekend 🥰

Because the weekend had a packed itinerary, there was no time to explore properly or do any sketching, so I plan to go back again sometime soon...

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