• Elspeth J Mackenzie

My Coastal Rowing Adventure Begins

Updated: May 3, 2020

My journey began in 2013, following my first (and last) winter sports holiday. A New Year's Resolution to try something different and exciting every month for a year came to a premature and abrupt end in February. A snow boarding accident saw me carted off the mountain on a stretcher with a broken shoulder.

It was not until the summer of that same year that I felt able to pursue my quest for new challenges. This time I was looking for something adventurous that would not involve broken bones!

As a volunteer for New Spin, an intergenerational project run by the Citadel Youth Centre, I was lucky enough to accompany them on their summer outing to Portobello Beach, Edinburgh. One of the activities was a taster session with RowPorty, a Scottish Coastal rowing club.

I was hooked as soon as I stepped into the boat. Having been brought up on the shores of the Tay and spending my teenage years sailing a Mirror dinghy, I immediately felt right at home. This was the sport for me! Unfortunately, the Portobello club had a waiting list but I found out that Newhaven Coastal Rowing Club were looking for new members. I signed up and that is how my journey began...

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